Simeon Ostberg – Production Manager

Simeon works self-employed as production manager for mali BiggerThanLife-Productions. Next to this, he is responsible for the online representation of mali BiggerThanLife-Productions.simeon

Simeon has been working in this field since 2003, and has been part of the creation and development of numerous projects, ranging from TV spots to cinema movies.

Before working with mali BiggerThanLife-Productions, Simeon oversaw short movie productions for several years and significantly contributed to the creation of ‘Hör auf mich’ (2003), ‘HEMI’ (2004), ‘Filmrollen’ (2004), ‘Das Letzte’ (2006) and ‘La Comandante’ (2006).

Since 2010, Simeon has supervised many TV production projects for both public and commercial broadcasters. Next to this, he has been continuously involved in various interesting projects since 2012 – examples of these range from the organization of the Next Level Conference 2012, over the production of the documentary “Tracing the Rope: Eva Hesse, Life + Work”, to the organization of Soundtrack_Cologne 11.

It’s really important to know about Simeon that with his overboarding enthusiasm for trains – no matter whether they come as models, real-sized, or in some kind of a chewing gum version – Simeon has turned out to be the Sheldon Cooper of our production company.