BiggerThanLife Productions develops fictional content as well as comprehensive cineastic concepts for large to international fictional film projects and offers these to suitable production companies. We provide the aforementioned in a combination of a treatment/screenplay, a high quality draft movie and a strong creative force behind each project. Generally, the draft movie introduces the first minutes of the full movie, leading up to the first major dramaturgical twist, and serves as an outlook on the later production.

Thereby, BiggerThanLife Productions enables prospective partners in assessing cinematic potential and success much more accurately than the regular process of film development allows.

Additionally, we have had the experience that our draft movies provide an excellent communication foundation for creative, technical, and planning related matters for all development related departments. This fundamentally advances the ability to precisely execute the subsequent full movie project.

Furthermore, over time we have developed tailor-made concepts applicable as a supplement to conventional film financing methods in both the development as well as marketing stage of a movie, which aim at a high economic viability. In this sense, we are open for joining the lead production company as a small-scale partner.

In particular, BiggerThanLife Productions represents versatile, high quality, and internationally compatible comedies.